Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Labradorite for Intuition + Strength + Protection

Labradorite is revered as a particularly spiritual stone, first found in Labrador, a Canadian province. Often linked to the Inuit people, it is a feldspar mineral whose spectrum of colors look strikingly similar to the Northern Lights known to that region.

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Labradorite is known as the “stone of transformation”, which comes as no surprise, given the shimmering, changing characteristics of the stone. As such, Labradorite is an excellent gemstone to carry with you during times of change or spiritual growth. It’s intuitive properties promote psychic ability, revealing truth and banishing fear and negativity. 

Intuition is increased when one is at peace with oneself and the universe. Use this stone’s balancing cosmic energy to help calm the overactive mind, channel your imagination, and trust in the universe. 

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When you are more in-tune with yourself, you can draw strength from all areas of the soul. Labradorite encourages strong and confident energy and is tied to the Throat Chakra. Its relationship with the Throat Chakra encourages you to speak your truth and stay grounded in authenticity. Communicating with confidence is critical to effective communication and thus makes Labradorite a great stone for channeling and acting on our inner strength.


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Labradorite is considered to be one of the most powerful metaphysical protectors, helping individuals regain energy while also healing themselves. Labradorite shields us from external negative energy, as well as negative energy within ourselves. As a stone of transformation, it helps us find resiliency during hard or uncertain times, and can keep us safe from darkness. Much like the stone shimmers in the slightest bit of light, Labradorite can help us find the tiniest light in the darkness.

Carry, wear, or place Labradorite in your life to tap into its metaphysical properties; in turn, it will help you access your highest mystical self and channel that energy for increased intuition, strength, and protection.