7 ways to have fun at home

It's been about 6 days (ish) of lock down here in Kentucky and from what I see on the internet people are already losing their minds. 

As a total homebody, i'm actually enjoying this. If spent my whole life avoiding social interaction. I WAS BORN FOR THIS Y'ALL! 

With that being said, we do usually get out for a daily activity or two but now we are getting a little more creative so I wanted to share what we're up to.


1. Get crafty! 

Those art supplies you purchased because you went a little wild on Pinterest one day, now is their time to shine!

I personally own over 50 (8x10) canvases because clearly I was going to start my own dang art museum in our entryway or something. 

If you didn't go hog wild and buy a boat load of canvases you've still got this! My girls Tara at Rad and Happy has a super cute coloring subscription that is only $5. You just sign up and download your prints! You can even add them into the procreate app so you/ your kiddos can color on an Ipad. 


2.  Get outside! 

I get it, the weather is not ideal in March. But a little puddle splashing might just save you your sanity. Let the kids be crazy. Let them get dirty and messy. You have nothing else to do so you might as well do an extra load of laundry ;) Plus hopefully the little humans will exert a ton of energy and pass out for a bit after. 

3. Get cookin! 

SJ loves helping us in the kitchen. "hatching eggs" is his favorite. Find recipes they can help with. Cookies are obviously a simple one that they can enjoy during and after. 

I've apparently turned into Betty Crocker during the past few days and am attempting to make bread. WHO AM I?!?!?! Not really sure at this point. But by the end of this corona situation im betting im a few pounds heavier from all this cooking.


4. Get cozy! 

We've been having a daily "movie + snuggle" time on the couch. The Cincinnati Zoo is doing a Facebook live everyday where they feature a different animal and basically interview the creature. IT IS CUTE! 


5. Get building! 

We love making forts in various room in the house and then crawling in and reading books. If you have more active kiddos you can always let them build and create with all those amazon boxes that are overflowing at your house right now ;) 


6. Get messy! 

We recently discovered Messy Play Kits and are OBSESSED! Not only are the activities messy, but the kids also get to create the messiness! 

We just got this months subscription box as well and it if fabulous! We've hatched dinosaur eggs, erupted a volcano, and made dinosaur fossils. The theme is different each month which I love! 


7. Get competitive! 

We spend almost every night playing games, doing puzzles, etc. These little memory cards from Katie Daisy were originally for our camper but we love them so much that I moved them into the house for the winter. 


Obviously this is not an ideal situation, but the little humans don't have any idea what's going on. So rather than freaking out over the world putting a pause on life, i'm taking this time to make memories and enjoy this "extra" time we've been given to just kick back and live life within the walls of our home. I'll hope you'll try to do the same:)