DIY: Bracelet Making + Girls Night IN!

We are so excited for y'all to join us for our first ever virtual workshop! I know the DIY bracelet kits sold out in under 5 minutes, which is WILD. We are working on more DIY options to help keep everyone entertained during quarantine :) 

If you didn't score a DIY kit, please just grab a coloring book or whatever crafty project you have laying around and join us for this event. There will be some instructional talk, but it's mainly just a little get together for everyone in the HFG community. 

When: 4.11 @ 6pm CST in the VIP Facebook Group

What you need: If doing the DIY bracelet kit with us you will need you kit, a placemat (or something soft to help hold your beads), some tape, a measuring tape ( if you want) and a pair of scissors.  Beverage of choice highly recommended ;) 


 See y'all soon!