Founder Favorites: August Edition

Hey friends! I'm so happy y'all are loving this little series where Is share things we are loving outside of the studio! It's been a few months since I've shared some favorite with you, so let's dive in! 


1. I'm a big believer in getting yourself together every day, even if you don't plan on leaving the house. I've been using this makeup for about 4 years now and just love how simple and quick it is! The entire little system fits in one compact, so you can easily keep it with you and also easily replace a tin as you need to. It takes me 5 minutes max (and one makeup brush) to throw myself together. *high five*

I adore it so much I convinced my step mom, Sonya, to sign up as an artist! So if you wanted to try it and need help color matching, she's ya girl. 



2. Our son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes so being organized is now more important than ever due to this strict insulin regimen were on. I am LOVING my Day Designer for planning out our days down to each meal. It's helping me stay on track and get all the things done throughout my day. BONUS: they have tons of adorable covers to choose from.  I personally chose the black and white stripe:) 



 3. I'm pretty much obsessed with Brooke at Nesting With Grace. I just LOVE her style and eclectic home decor. She recently shared this pink croc pot and I obviously added it to my cart right away. I mean pink cookware? SIGN ME UP! We've cooked in this baby at least twice a day since it arrived. I am in love. 

She did an amazing full blog post on styling your kitchen with functional objects. You can read it and find all the amazing links here>>>


4. I haven't been too many places outside of my home or studio since March, so cozy loungewear is my bestie right now. These little leopard print shoes are so dang perfect for wearing around the house. They somehow keep you warm, but not clammy. I've been LOVING them! They're also only $19.99 on Amazon>


5. Our Meaningful Bits piece this month is one of my favorites we've done. It's a delicate gold disc hand-stamped with a horseshoe design I drew years back. We put it on a sterling silver chain so it can be worn daily without being removed for sleep or shower. I just love the meaning behind the piece and the simplicity of the design.