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Meaningful Gems for November

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Meaningful Gems for November



November 1 to 22 - Scorpio



 November 23 to 30 - Sagittarius




Crisp autumn is in full swing with golden trees and pumpkin spice to indulge in. And it also brings November Scorpios in full force. Similar to the scorpion, you are passionately fierce and fighters. Whether in life or just praying you survive the frigid weather, Scorpios bring their resiliency into the blustery cold season. Brrrr!










The end of the month brings delicious turkey, fashionable fat pants, worries about the gift-giving season, and you enchanting Sagittariuses. (Don’t worry, we don’t judge the fat pants...we’re guilty too!) Lucky for you, Sagittariuses are good at seeing the bigger picture, so try not to fret about the coming holidays. Just sit back and let those around you enjoy your innate generosity.




carnelian gemstone

The birthstone for November Scorpios and Sagittariuses has flawless timing for the start of the holiday season. The warm Carnelian stone carries vitality and motivation to you right when you’ll need it most - holiday panic time! This warm gem can be found in a variety of colors, but you’ll see the pleasant buttery orange on HFG.