Gift Guide: The perfect pieces for Mother's Day

Mother's Day has always been one of the biggest holidays of the year here at HFG. We've been creating hand stamped jewelry + keepsakes since 2009! If put together a little list of our best selling pieces for Mother's Day to help you check all those ladies off your list. 


Meaningful Gem Bracelets

These are our best selling bracelets, and for good reason. Each bracelet holds its own special meaning. These are perfect for so many occasions, but especially Mother's Day. A few of our favorite stones for mamas are..

Amazonite - love + intuition + inspiration

Labradorite - joy + vitality + intuition

Rose Quartz - love + compassion + kindness



Wear Love Pendant

Our best selling necklace for over 6 years! We hand stamp the names of the children or grandchildren in your mama's life. The coin pearl makes this such an easy necklace to wear every day. 




Love Letters Bracelet

A grown up twist on the classic name bracelets we all wore in elementary school, these babies have become and instant best seller. They can be customized with any name/ term of endearment and make the sweetest little gift. ( they're currently sold out, but restocking this week!). 




Tiny Initials Necklace 

For years this has been a " go to" piece of mine. I love the texture of the charms stacked together and the mixed metals. This necklace is perfect for any mama/ grandma who is still adding to her family. Additional initials to represent new family members can always be added:)  


I hope y'all find this helpful. Our Mother's Day delivery cut off is 4.27 so be sure to get those orders in. 

P.s. if you want your piece gift wrapped, just select that option in each listing and we will individually wrap the pieces for you:)