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How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Our modern aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is made with olive wood beads that have been growing in the Holy Lands of Israel for thousands of years.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is the perfect way to take your oils on the go.


How to use:
Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the wood bead(s) for an all day diffuser. 
Switch or add oils whenever you need.
These pieces can be worn with or without oils. 


* We recommend only using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils on our wood beads. Drug store oils contain fillers and artificial ingredients that will damage the olive wood or lava beads.  

Wether you're using them for emotional support or a natural perfume alternative, we've got you covered with some amazing recipes. 

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Tips for balancing business + kids.

Tips for balancing business + kids.

I asked y'all what you would like to know about running an online business while raising a tiny human and still being a decently awesome wife and this was the most asked question: How to balance it all....

You can't be good at everything, at least not at the same time. I feel like my life on social media sometimes looks like I have it all together in a perfect little planned out day. The only thing I plan on day to day is keeping my tiny human alive. Everything else just kind of falls into place. 

Over the past 2-ish years i've transitioned from running a 3 story brick and mortar + wholesale + online shop into just having an online shop. I choose to give up some things in order to raise SJ the way I wanted. We've got a pretty good system down so I thought i'd share my tips for having a successful business + happy home. 

Be present.

When i'm in my studio working I try to be 100% focused on my to do list. When I'm at the park or out playing with SJ you won't find me answering emails or doing anything business related. When the husband is home we spend our evenings CELL PHONE FREE and actually enjoying our time together. You can be present with your kids or spouse while simultaneously answering emails or working on your business. 

Make a list. 

Write things down. Plan out activities with your spouse or kids for the week. It is SO easy to get distracted and forget what you actually needed to be doing. I have a home to do list and a work one. When i'm in my studio for any amount of time the first thing I do is look over my list and see what task can be checked off in the amount of time I currently have. I do the same thing around our home. If SJ is working outside with the husband then I take a peek at my list. Of course I could spend this time mindlessly scrolling social media or watching trash TV but that ain't going to help a darn thing. I am a much happier person when I don't have a mile long to do list sitting there waiting for me. 


Be flexible.

I know I just said to plan things out, but make it a flexible plan. I generally try to take SJ on an "adventure" twice a week. This is usually to the park, zoo or museum. I pick the days i'm going to make this happen but I don't plan out the times. Since he is only 2 and still takes a nap during the day, I have to be flexible with our days. This is where having those to do lists comes in handy again. When I have down time (like during a nap) I can look over both my lists and see what I can get done. Being flexible with my time helps me from getting annoyed that my day isn't going as planned. 


I hope sharing what works for me is helpful to you in your work at home juggle!

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A new chapter in the HFG story.....

A new chapter in the HFG story.....
We started HorseFeathers Gifts in 2009 to focus our lives and work on the things that matter to us… our families, our animals, our world.
If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably seen that 2016 brought a lot of wonderful changes to HFG. We welcomed Sterling James Farmer (#sterlingjamesfarmer) and we expanded our creative family to include Burmese refugees.
With all these new additions, it’s time to take some big steps. We are ready to give more of our time and energy to our families and our growing HFG family.
So we are closing our Storefront on Main Street. 
But don’t worry! HorseFeathers Gifts will continue on and, in many ways, will be better than ever. We will still be creating inspirational accessories – and working with our amazing creative artisans. In fact, our online presence won’t change much at all.
But for those of you who love to stop by and visit us, take heart.
We will be doing VIP events and popups at all 3 Single Thread Boutique locations so be sure you are on our newsletter list so you know where to find us!
And stop by while we are still open. We will have some sales and you can use your gift certificates. After that, they will be transferred to online use only!
{Closing date to be determined, but not before May.}
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Desiree Siegfried's Baby Shower

Desiree Siegfried's Baby Shower

We recently had the honor of creating custom tassel keychains for the guests at Desiree Siegfried's baby shower. 

Each keychain was hand stamped "make it happen" and adorned with a different color tassel. 

The "swag bags" were filled with items from some fabulous handmade shops.

How fun?!

If you're in the market for bridesmaid gifts or employee gifts our tassel keychains would be the perfect item! 

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