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Unearthed gems from millennia & eons past. These stones are seen as rare in the gemology world & coveted by crystal enthusiasts. We paired these stones with neutral yet timeless Riverstone to embody the vitality & flow from the earth from which it came.

Auralite-23, "the stone of awakening" also known as Red Cap Amethyst. It is an extremely rare blend of 23 different minerals, with only one known deposit location on earth. Deep in the Boreal forest just north of Ontario, Canada, this stone has been tucked away for an estimated 1.2 - 1.5 billion years. However, it's only been ten years since its first discovery in 2011. This stone with its ancient wisdom creates mindfulness, harmony & adds renewed sense of purpose to your goals.

Charoite is known as "the stone of acceptance" is among the rarest minerals in the world with only one location in Siberia, Russia. Found in 1940 its beautiful colors were thought to be fake upon the first discovery; the purple was so enchanting they named charoite after the Russian word "Chay" meaning "charms" or "magic." It contains inclusions of Black Aegirine which is a deeply grounding stone clearing & protecting you from negative energy. Charoite is also known to protect against energy overstimulation while encouraging growth & acceptance through inner knowledge & reflection.

Australian Turquoise "the stone of protection & prosperity," features attractive bright-pastel blues, medium sky blues, and rich robin’s egg blues, with beautiful chocolate & brown-toned mottling in swirling ‘egg-shell and ‘spider web’ vein patterns. Each bead is completely unique with its own beautifully, individual pattern. Turquoise is known for its many healing properties that include wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune & hope.

Chrysocolla, "the stone of gentleness yet power." It is often mistaken for turquoise due to its rich blues and blue greens. It also has copper inclusions adding patterns of white & reddish-brown across its surface. Chrysocolla was first described by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, and botanist who also named the stone, in 315 BCE. This stone centers around communication & bring gentleness to your tone while igniting courage to speak your truth. Other properties include harmony, joy & laughter.

Moldavite, "the stone of transformation" while actually not a stone at all rather a tektite; Created 15 million years ago when a meteor struck the earth in Czechoslovakia, near the Moldau River (called Vltava in Czech). The impact fused the extraterrestrial elements of the meteor with the surrounding sand & earth to form the forest to olive-green tone tektite. Moldavite helps you break free from feeling trapped or stuck in a current situation, connects you to your higher self & propels you on your life path. It is a stone of protection & decision making while also igniting the heart chakra to promote healing in your life. Moldavite Authenticity Certificate Numer : LGJ00055830

♥ 8mm gemstones with 24k gold accents. 

🐾 A portion of all sales go to animal rescue organizations across the USA.

Caring for your bracelet

Here are a few tips to ensure that you will be able to enjoy it for as long as possible:

  • Always remember to treat your bracelets gently and with care.

  • Never overstretch the elastic band - stretching it over your hands is okay.

  • Remove your bracelets before being exposed to chlorine or salt water, These can lead to the stones becoming dull and the bracelet deteriorating more quickly.

  • Remove your bracelet before sleeping and participating in vigorous physical activity.

  • Avoid direct contact with hairspray, makeup, lotion and perfume.

  • Store your bracelets in a soft pouch or box to keep other items from scratching the surface of the beads.


We create each piece with the utmost love and care. Though, if your jewelry happens to break within 90 days of purchase, we’ll restring it at no charge to you. Shoot us an email today to get the process started!

If more than 90 days have passed since your purchase, we are happy to restring it for a fee of $5. You can arrange your repair by following the instructions here.

  • The $5 fee covers repair. You are responsible for the shipping cost to send the item in to us.
  • If your repair requires the replacement of stones or metal components that are no longer available, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as possible and do our very best to find a similar substitute.

All repairs must be authorized before being sent to us and MUST include our repair form. Any unauthorized claims will be forfeited upon receipt.

**The current turnaround time for repairs is 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your piece. 

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UnEarthed: Rare Gemstone

I have not one, not two, but three of these bracelets. #cantstopwontstop Australian Turquoise, Moldavite and Charoite. Beautiful stones paired with a natural neutral in river stone make these effortlessly an easy addition to any stack.

United States United States

Can’t stop, won’t stop!

I have 3 of these beautiful pieces. And I’m not done. Australian Turquoise. Moldavite. Charoite. Each distinctly beautiful.

Chezarae G.
United States United States

Must have!

So pretty!! I love neutrals and to have a pop of color in the middle is perfect!!

United States United States


Love the riverstone paired with the focal bead. So pretty!

Hope S.
United States United States


Love it so much! Beautiful dark olive color and perfect with the riverstone! Unlike any other bracelet I have! Great quality!

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