A new chapter in the HFG story.....

We started HorseFeathers Gifts in 2009 to focus our lives and work on the things that matter to us… our families, our animals, our world.
If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably seen that 2016 brought a lot of wonderful changes to HFG. We welcomed Sterling James Farmer (#sterlingjamesfarmer) and we expanded our creative family to include Burmese refugees.
With all these new additions, it’s time to take some big steps. We are ready to give more of our time and energy to our families and our growing HFG family.
So we are closing our Storefront on Main Street. 
But don’t worry! HorseFeathers Gifts will continue on and, in many ways, will be better than ever. We will still be creating inspirational accessories – and working with our amazing creative artisans. In fact, our online presence won’t change much at all.
But for those of you who love to stop by and visit us, take heart.
We will be doing VIP events and popups at all 3 Single Thread Boutique locations so be sure you are on our newsletter list so you know where to find us!
And stop by while we are still open. We will have some sales and you can use your gift certificates. After that, they will be transferred to online use only!
{Closing date to be determined, but not before May.}