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I'm Chelsea,

the brains and heart behind HorseFeathers – where handmade jewelry meets a life less ordinary!

Back in 2009, I was done with the whole windowless office gig, spending eight hours a day writing inspection reports. So, in the midst of a classic early 20s crisis, I chucked the two weeks' notice, said goodbye to the corporate world, and dived headfirst into the magical land of handmade jewelry.

Starting off in a tiny bedroom of a single-wide trailer on my family farm, reality hit when that steady income disappeared. But armed with determination and fueled by Dr. Pepper, I took it all in stride. I hit up every craft show in sight and got my Etsy shop up and running like my grocery budget depended on it.

What was once just a small Etsy shop quickly blew up into a nationally recognized online brand – thanks to my grit and grind.

In just a few years, that little bedroom studio grew into a dedicated workspace, and the crowning glory came when I found myself not only opening my first studio but also jet-setting across the states for a live interview with FOX News. HorseFeathers was officially on the map, known for our meaningful gemstone jewelry and handcrafted charms.

Now, fourteen years later, HorseFeathers is a living testament to my never-give-up attitude. From flying solo, I'm now leading a team of fab folks, all adding their touch to the brand's awesome vibe. We've even sent our unique creations to over 50 countries – talk about taking the world by storm!

It's been a wild, crazy ride for me and the HorseFeathers crew – a journey marked by passion, persistence, and the belief that crafting isn't just about jewelry; it's a lifestyle celebrating you and the pursuit of your dreams. Cheers to bling, dreams, and living life HorseFeathers style! 🌟✨

The HFG Studio

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The Horsefeather Gals have created more than a business they have created a family or as they like to say a tribe. They have so many AMAZING pieces I wish I could buy every single one I like! In fact I wore some for my engagement pictures and for my wedding as well!! I even had my bridesmaids wear a necklace for the wedding and gave many pieces away as gifts and tips so spread the word about hoursefeathers gifts!! I try and spread the word about these AMAZING jewels and Gals as often as I can!! And as I always like to tell them keep up the AMAZING work Ladies and thank you for everything you do!!

Kayla B

I love shopping with horse feathers gifts. Not only because the Jewelry is beautiful, well made, and unique but because of the phenomenal community of women who come with it. When you buy from Chelsea and her team you’re not only getting beautiful, meaningful pieces that you can wear everyday you are getting access to a group of women who support and inspire one another. Could not recommend Horsefeathers Gifts enough!

Jennifer S.

Horsefeathers Gifts is a company I will always stand behind and support. The team, lead by the amazing Chelsea, are the nicest, most creative group you'll ever meet. And so efficient! They've helped me in various ways, always friendly and timely. The earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces are made with such great quality and precision. They're perfect for any and all occasions. A blog and other resources are made available to help pick a gem. The team also curates stacks as well. Many thanks to the HFG team!

Jill M.

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