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Amazonite Jewelry


    Tap into your inner wonder woman with Amazonite, a vibrant stone that encourages you to express your inner truth and passions. First discovered in the Amazon River Basin, Amazonite has been cherished for thousands of years by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians. Today, it’s primarily mined in Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, and the United States. Its captivating green-blue hues make it a favorite among gemstone enthusiasts.

    Amazonite serves as a beacon of inspiration and optimism, helping you unlock your full potential. It sparks creativity, washes away negativity, and empowers you to live authentically. At HorseFeathers Gifts, we offer a variety of Amazonite jewelry, including beaded bracelets, statement rings, simple earrings, and dainty necklaces. Pair it with Citrine for added optimism, Clear Quartz for amplified inspiration, or Rose Quartz for enhanced self-love. Let Amazonite guide you to a life filled with purpose, confidence, and joy.

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