Exploring Gemstone Meanings: Amazonite for Truth + Optimism + Inspiration

Bold but calming in its turquoise shades, Amazonite is a gemstone that adds more than just eye-catching cool blue tones to your wardrobe. The unique capacities of Amazonite have been recognized since ancient times, and it is in this rich tradition that we reflect on the qualities this stone brings to our awareness. 

amazonite crystal properties  


Associated with clearing blockages in the throat chakra, Amazonite encourages the acceptance and speaking of truth. You can rely on this gemstone’s healing properties to approach the world with your deepest truths, living in the fullness of your unique self. 

With its balancing properties, Amazonite can also aid in truthfulness and resolution of imbalance, leading to collaborative ways forward. This can mean a resetting of internal balance to pursue your own path, or can encourage a new balance between what you know of yourself with what you know of the world. 


Responding to the beauty of the stone and the natural power it retains as a reflection of the river for which it is named, wearers and viewers alike are attuned to a feeling of immense possibility. When it clears energy blockages and creates balance, Amazonite allows for a dispelling of negativity, leaving space for positivity and optimism.


While achieving truthfulness and optimism together naturally lead to inspiration, meditating with Amazonite also helps open the heart chakra. This creates a free flow of energy, allowing you to be moved in brand new ways by all you encounter. Be prepared to view the universe in a new light through the inspiration granted by Amazonite.

gold amazonite crystal necklace

Amazonite is also associated with the Virgo Zodiac sign and the Earth and Water elements. To build your relationship with Amazonite and attune yourself to its properties, browse our gemstone jewelry!