Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Amethyst for Protection + Trust + Intuition

Violet in color and healing in aura, Amethyst is a quartz variety known as a highly spiritual stone, encouraging deep connections to the protective realm while building trust and intuition. Rooted in Roman and Greek mythology, and used by many cultures since ancient times, the clarifying properties of Amethyst have universal appeal and meaning.

amethyst gemstone properties and meaning


Physical and mental health are said to be safeguarded by Amethyst’s healing properties. An amulet for those seeking sobriety, a dependable stone to ease clarity of mind in any tumultuous situation, and a meditation stone associated with the Third Eye Chakra, Amethyst is unrivaled in its protective properties. 

The stone can be worn, stored under a pillow or placed directly on the forehead, depending on the intention toward which it is being focused.


With a balanced and calm mind, it is easier to trust in oneself and in the movement of the outer world. Amethyst enables building bonds of trust, through calming properties that allow a special soundness of mind.


As this stone is implemented to build connections between the physical and spiritual realms, and with its healing of internal mistrust, Amethyst is the perfect stone to guide in the development of a strong intuition. 

Amethyst is popularly known as a birthstone for the month of February and Aquarius Zodiac sign. If you are seeking to gain clarity and calm, add amethyst to your jewelry collection as a reminder of how precious you are, and how much spiritual growth is open to you.