Aquarius Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

Outsiders by nature (and by choice) Aquarius signs thrive on being weird, intriguing, and contrarian. They seek out the avant-garde and the unexpected. Passionate about invention and design, they attempt to impart a whole new vision on the world, but sometimes the world in an Aquarian’s head doesn’t mesh well with reality.

Despite their passion and their opposition to the mundane, Aquarians are actually more rational than emotional. It’s simply that their logic follows a whole different set of rules. They aren’t random, they merely experiment with patterns or ideas that others don’t consider. This sign benefits from stones that bring out the insights of their unique viewpoint, while helping them see beyond their own worldview to engage with others on an emotional level.

Aquarius Crystals


A protective and instinctual stone, amethyst is the perfect balance of rationality and intuition. Wearing amethyst as a defensive stone can help keep an investigative Aquarian safe while they pursue new experiments. Despite their rational nature, Aquarians can become trapped by addiction while pursuing new experiences. Amethyst is the perfect focus stone while pursuing sobriety and clarity.

The intuitive side of this stone is the perfect bridge between Aquarians’ unique worldview and the material world. Adorning art studios, studies, or workshops with amethyst will help bring projects and experiments to life, transforming speculation into results.


Full of wisdom and good health, turquoise provides clarity, focus, and serenity even in the most tumultuous moments. This stone is a great source of balance for the independent Aquarian, keeping them from spiraling out of control in their pursuit of personal freedom.

Turquoise can help Aquarians visualize their latest ideas when meditating or designing, but it also offers protection from dangerous flights of fancy. The aquarian love of wild concepts can sometimes lead to embracing eccentric beliefs, dogmas, or even conspiracies simply to be a rebel without a second thought for their social impact. Reflecting on motivations and goals with turquoise may cut through confusion­­­­ ­­and trickery with empathy and lucidity.


While metals have a reputation for being cold and dark, hematite is known for channeling harmony and positivity. A stone of the mind, hematite clears away distractions to stay focused on the present. Aquarians will naturally relate to the rational and curious side of this stone, while benefiting from its grounding in the present, immediate world.

Aquarians are often frustrated when the world fails to measure up to their idealistic standards, and sometimes they impose their grand worldview on others without considering personal responsibilities. Hematite’s connection to memory and balance tempers this utopianism. Carrying hematite after making a promise keeps one grounded in the present, reminding aquarians that realistic action is as important as admirable ideas.

This air sign may appear aloof, but they love when others are willing to ask about their unique interests and perspectives. When giving a gift to an aquarian, connect it to an event or discussion that you shared, they will appreciate your memory and interest.


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