Aries Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

The very first sign of the zodiac, Aries is confident, fearless, and eager. Always first to arrive and take action, Aries don’t think twice about jumping into a new adventure, and their passionate spirit is symbolized by the intrepid—but stubborn—image of the Ram.

Those born under the sign of Aries benefit from stones that encourage their virtues—courage, energy, and dedication—as well as reminding them that they may have room to grow, encouraging humility and consideration for others. Carnelian has a particularly strong connection with Aries, as do diamond, tiger’s eye, and aventurine.

Aries Crystals


With a warm glow that naturally resonates with confidence, passion, and creativity, Carnelian naturally inspires the ambitious and daring Aries. This stone is a wonderful focus point when searching for personal empowerment to achieve new goals, resonating with the inner strength and determination of an Aries.

At the same time, this stone’s connection to creativity makes it a symbol of new inspirations and perspectives, a perfect reminder that Aries’ may benefit from others’ contributions as well.

The deep, hearth-like orange of Carnelian inspires a unique feeling of home and comradery among friends, tempering Aries’ independence and pride which may otherwise strain relationships.  

dainty carnelian necklace


The hardest mineral on Earth, Diamond has a long association with warriors—often featuring in ancient ceremonial armor.

Iconic for its clarity and brilliance, diamond enhances and focuses the already dazzling personality of Aries, encouraging confidence and loyalty.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone synchronizes with the adventurous and fierce personality of Aries, and its connection to good luck and inspiration can help an Aries find new goals while acting with confidence.

At the same time, this stone’s connection to perspective can help Aries find new avenues for growth, as well as clear away the fog of pride and impulsiveness.

tigers eye beaded gemstone bracelet


With its calming green, this stone’s vitality and earthiness encourages luck, leadership and prosperity. It easily combines with the fiery courage of Aries and embodies the confidence of a natural leader.

Simultaneously its connection to the heart chakra and natural luck brings an easy-going and jovial counterpoint to Aries’ bold and focused temperament.

Aries is a powerful zodiac sign which inspires courage and fortitude; it is an inspiring sign for new beginnings. Those born under this sign should not shy away from expressing themselves and making the most of their inner strength, but they should also find opportunities to share their drive and energy with others who may struggle to express themselves or find their own strength. By working with stones like carnelian, you can better invest your passion and honesty into loyal friendships.

green aventurine gemstone statement ring

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