Cancer Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

Emotional, sentimental, and sympathetic, those born under the sign of Cancer are guided by the strength of their emotions and seek out deep relationships that respond to their passions. While their intuition and empathy can be strengths, Cancers may struggle with feelings of self-pity or a lack of discipline, expecting others to cater to their whims or abandoning responsibilities. Moonstone is a natural birthstone for Cancer that synchronizes with their most positive qualities while soothing their more petulant side. Those born under the sign of Cancer also benefit from amethyst and aquamarine.



Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, or Luna, and like the moon their moods can wax and wane with time. Both unique in appearance and calming in nature, moonstone helps ease these emotional waves while tapping into a Cancer’s natural intuition and receptivity. This stone encourages Cancer signs to embrace relationships, build trust, and accept the emotions of others, while simultaneously teaching balance and calm in the ebbs and flows of life. It provides a sense of peace and home which may soothe the ever-busy Cancer, who may get too caught up in caring for others to care for themselves.


Another intuitive stone, Amethyst encourages connection while emphasizing trust and protection. Cancer signs love to make friends and display affection, but their emotional nature can make them prone to jealousy or sudden resentments. Amethyst serves as a reminder that the emotions which build meaningful relationships and friendships are not fleeting or superficial but run much deeper. Its protective nature can also provide strength when overcoming negative impulses and habits—from outbursts to dependencies.


Cancer can be bold and assertive, but may find it much easier to express their immediate thoughts and emotions than to dig deep and talk about their inner self. As a water sign, Cancer naturally resonates with aquamarine, whose calming appearance and color expresses the leisurely flow of the stream. Aquamarine can help Cancer signs reflect on their immediate emotions and find meaning in the present, even as they move from one moment to the next. It is also a symbol of peace and love, a calming presence in the face of overwhelming emotion and a reminder that some things cannot be captured by a single moment.

With their sweetness and expressiveness, Cancers make wonderful, fun, and caring friends. But their impulsivity and fickleness mean it might take a little bit of extra effort to really show your appreciation and gratitude. Our gold moonstone necklace is an elegant and meaningful gift to serve as a lifelong symbol of your relationship.
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