Capricorn Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

Born between December 22nd and January 20th, Capricorns are tied to the element earth and are well known for their stoicism, independence, and grounded approach to solving problems.

Capricorns are highly disciplined and self-reliant. They do not suffer fools lightly and they expect simple, heartfelt acknowledgement for their efforts. However, their desire for respect can betray an inner life of turmoil and self-criticism. This sign benefits from stones that focus their dedication and integrity while encouraging openness and self-love.

Capricorn Crystals

Black Obsidian

A powerful protective stone, obsidian is poignant and opaque, befitting the quiet and sturdy Capricorn. Wearing obsidian can help Capricorns who work with groups or take on leadership roles, keeping them grounded and focused even when they would much rather work on their own instead of delegate.

The reflective surface of obsidian also provides a source of introspection and inner power. Meditating with obsidian in private spaces—such as a bedroom or study—protects from intrusive thoughts and builds self-assuredness.


A stone of determination, Jasper focuses Capricorns’ integrity and fortitude. This stone should be carried when seeking new solutions to obstacles or undertaking great projects. Wearing Jasper can help Capricorns see the impact that their responsibilities have on others.

As a stone of happiness and peace, wearing Jasper can also soften a Capricorn’s natural stubbornness. Sleeping with Jasper after a frustrating day can help solve internal obstacles that may be preventing them from dealing with relationships, responsibilities, or other external problems which they are projecting onto. Wearing Jasper should be taken as a reminder of self-worth and inner peace, regardless of whether one’s accomplishments are praised by others.

Smoky Quartz

Combining transparency with mystery, smoky quartz combines inner clarity with stability and protection befitting an Earth sign. Wearing smoky quartz in stressful situations such as meetings, interviews, and first dates can help Capricorns harmlessly release negative energy while staying focused on the situation.

A pragmatic stone, smoky quartz is a symbol of patience. While determined, Capricorns may get frustrated repeating the same approach without success. This relentlessness can be especially damaging during times of difficult change, mourning, or grief. Carrying smoky quartz through ongoing periods of loss or pain can help Capricorns who may feel cornered by the lack of any obvious solution, absorbing stress and clearing away the clouds of negativity.

Capricorns don’t like to be the center of attention, but they still long for respect and acknowledgement from their peers. Simple, personal gifts will mean much more than flashy, ornamental displays. 

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