Once In A Blue Moon: Blue Goldstone + Pink Opal

Do you remember looking at the night sky as a child and making a wish? The whimsy of a wish mixed with the vast, mystic night sky.

blue moon bracelet

We've conjured up a little "Practical Magic" for you this week. You see, this Halloween falls on a Blue-moon, also called the "Wishing Moon". 

We've paired this mystical occasion with Blue Goldstone, "the wishing stone".This stone shimmers like the night sky so fill it with light, good vibes, and wishes for personal growth, contentment, magic or a higher metabolism ;). 

Pink Opal {October's Birthstone} adds hope and renewal to keep the magic alive through the coming year. It also reminds you of your inner magic and the power of a little wish. 

Grab your limited edition bracelet on the homepage of our site at 10am CST 10.24! Remember, the last Halloween blue moon was in 1944!!! So this is an extra special time to treat yourself. 

Make a wish on your blue goldstone, under the blue moon, and keep it with you all year to ensure your wish comes true.

They will ship out via priority mail Monday morning so you have them just in time to make your wish!