Behind The Jewels: Enneagram Types + Gemstone Pairings

 The Enneagram is a personality system that provides profoundly accurate insights into our automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

enneagram and gemstones

Enneagram 1:

Ones are the textbook perfectionist striving to improve their world. Ethical, rational ones have a strong sense of right & wrong, they are often times strong advocates for change in their communities. However well organized, orderly, ethical one’s can at times become judgmental, having a hard time overcoming black & white thinking, as well as trouble silencing their inner critic.

Also known as “the mind stone” hematite can work to ground ones into the present moment instead of focusing on their inner critic. While metals have a reputation of being dark or heavy, hematite is a mood booster that creates harmony so you can focus & balances negative thinking. Great for memory work as well hematite can help remind ones of who they truly are.

enneagram 1 gemstones  

Enneagram 2:

Twos are caring, generous, warmhearted individuals. They draw people in with their sincerity, kindness & desire to truly help others. However, their core need to be needed can lead to people-pleasing, flattery, & sacrificing their own needs to meet the needs of others. They can harbor feelings of possessiveness or resentment towards loved ones, and struggle giving themselves the love they so freely give to others.

This rose-pink beauty is known as “the love stone.”  It opens you up to allow all forms of love to flow into your life, including the self-love that enneagram twos desperately need. This stone creates feelings of confidence that only come with self-compassion & acceptance. Also, a powerful tool for emotional healing & forgiveness, cleansing out feelings of anger or resentment to make more room for love.   

enneagram 2 gemstones  

Enneagram 3:

Success oriented, driven achievers enneagram threes are more often than not, natural born leaders & role models in our communities. Confident & self-assured threes motivate themselves as well as those around them to work towards their dreams. While charming & poised threes can become overly concerned with their image & what others think of them. If not careful it is easy for threes to become workaholics or overly completive trying to prove their self-worth.

“The stone of personal power,” sunstone is a positive ray of sunshine. It boosts motivation & energy to keep you from feeling drained. It provides self-esteem & true confidence that allows you to show up as your true self not hidden behind a mask. It also sparks creativity, new ways of thinking that invite abundance & generosity into your life.

  enneagram 3 gemstones

Enneagram 4:

Emotionally aware, creative & expressive enneagram fours are deeply in touch with their feelings. This intuitiveness allows them to tap into their unique gifts & creativity. Their sensitivity & quiet strength can inspire those around them. Their desire to have their own unique identity can occasionally cause distain or melancholy feelings that no one could truly understand them.

“The artist stone,” carnelian is known to spark creativity & boost your energy. It transforms negativity into positivity & brings light & motivation. It also allows you to trust yourself in following your passions while guarding against envy & resentment.

 enneagram 4 gemstones

Enneagram 5:

Independent, perceptive & curious enneagram fives crave knowledge. They are very much a head type they have a deep need to understand their world in order to feel capable & in control. Continually asking why & needing to see the research to back it up. They have the ability to develop complex thoughts & new ideas. While innovative & insightful, introverted fives can slip into isolation or become high-strung & scattered.

“The stone of wisdom,” this light purple stone is known to calm the mind & create feelings of contentment. While enneagram fives are continually pursuing knowledge, amethyst strengthens inner wisdom & your gut feelings. Allowing you to trust your intuition & the knowledge that is already inside you! 
 enneagram 3 gemstones

Enneagram 6:

Trustworthy, cautious & hard-working sixes are the definition of loyal. They also are great trouble shooters often anticipating problems before they even happen. Sixes are very security-oriented look for safety & certainty in their environment as well as relationships. Continually watching for worst case scenarios can cause sixes to become anxious & suspicious.

“The stone of stability,” this root chakra stone is use to ground you into the present moment. It keeps you from looking into the future for worst case scenarios & ground yourself where you’re at.  It brings a protective security & comfort that reminds us we are not alone. It clears away negative energies transforming them into hopeful & positive instead.

enneagram 6 gemstones   

Enneagram 7:

Fun loving, spontaneous, & optimistic sevens like to stay busy & they are usually multi-talented. Staying positive & optimistic are characteristics sevens pride themselves on. However, they do not do well with negative emotions they are continually distracting themselves with new experiences, task or hobbies to avoid feelings. Staying constantly busy can leave sevens scattered, over extended & exhausted.

“The stone of total awareness,” this deep blue beauty brings emotional healing. Awareness of emotions as well as a truth whether you want to hear it or not, that validates your emotions instead of ignoring them. It also brings focus that only comes with emotional healing.

 enneagram 7 gemstones

Enneagram 8:

Confident, decisive & assertive eights are fierce protectors. They will always tell it to you straight which can at times come across as intimidating or aggressive. At their best eights are leaders & protectors who are champions for their communities. However, their need for control can cause them to lose their tempers easily & make it hard to share their vulnerabilities with others.

“The stone of calming,” this stone brings inner harmony & cools intense emotions. It gives patience to allow you time to think before you react. It strengthens your communication & harmony with those around you, but it also shields you from others negativity directed toward you as well.

 enneagram 8 gemstones

Enneagram 9:

Easy going, trusting & stable nines are known as the peace-makers. They are able to share their calm optimism with others & help bring people together. They have a core need for keeping the peace which can lead to sweep issues under the rug or becoming complacent & tuning out reality. Nines can struggle with their sense of identity trying maintain peace creating worry & anxiety.

“The soothing stone,” amazonite has a peaceful calming effect. It brings balance to your life & reminds you to take care of yourself too. It also brings optimism while filtering out negativity protecting you from all the external influence pulling you away from your true self.

 enneagram 9 gemstones

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