Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Aquamarine for Courage + Love + Peace

As the roots of the name suggest, Aquamarine is a gemstone associated with the water — the ocean in particular — in both color and meaning. A bright, clear blue, the stone immediately manifests a feeling of calm, as it brings about the peace of smooth waves at the water’s edge. 

Sometimes known as the sailor’s gem,  Aquamarine’s association with water runs deep. It has even been said to aid in communication with mermaids!

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A gem of the throat chakra, Aquamarine encourages the free flow of energy, like water, unlocking any fears or inhibitions that would otherwise prevent courageous action. The gem is a powerful guide in clearing the path of truth and communication. 

Aquamarine is there to remind us of the power of letting ideas flow where they may. With it, we can follow important inner strengths to what we previously thought were our limits, and then calmly move past them to new achievements.

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A symbol of youthful love, Aquamarine is a stone of love renewal and is said to aid in guiding couples back to the feeling of new love and new beginnings together. It also informs loving compassion of all types, including self-love, leading to reconnections with the hope and calm that love provides. 

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In a similar way that gazing into a pond or the far-off horizon can bring a sense of peace with the world, Aquamarine can aid in developing a feeling of harmony, and the peace with others that comes along with a gentle sense of balance. 

If used while meditating, the gem can guide a deeper meditation, which may also lead to new feelings of inner peace.  

If a loved one is soon leaving on a journey that will involve a connection with the sea, present them with an Aquamarine talisman for protection and balance. And as the birthstone popularly associated with March and the Pisces Zodiac sign, Aquamarine is a perfect birthday gift or memento of clarity any time of year!