Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Citrine for Happiness + Motivation + Success

A solar stone, Citrine is a plentiful source of positive energy. From the French “citron,” the lively yellow Citrine translates to “lemon” and its properties are as bright as they sound.  

citrine meaning and properties


A soothing stone, Citrine helps direct anxieties away, clearing room for happiness. It is a stone that continually gives - unlike most other stones, which must be purified from time to time, Citrine is a limitless source of positive energy. 

To manifest happiness, simply sit with Citrine for a moment, and allow it to encourage you to find a newly positive frequency


If you are feeling stumped and are looking for a refreshed outlook to inspire you, look to Citrine for a renewal of the connection between your mind and will. You can truly do anything you focus on achieving, and Citrine is a great stone to wear as you navigate new relationships with your own desires and habits.

A stone of the Sacral Chakra, Citrine is also an important stone for inspiring creativity. Whether you are looking to solve a problem or thrive in your artistic endeavors, set Citrine on your tools or hold it close to feel the inspiring energy. 

raw citrine bracelet


Recognized as the “Success Stone” or “Merchant’s Stone,” Citrine is a great stone to keep with you as you strive for prosperity or other forms of success. 

While it is known to serve as an energetic pick-me-up rather than a stone to inspire balance in deeply unsettling situations, Citrine nonetheless carries a vast array of everyday power. This makes it the perfect stone for a bracelet that never leaves your wrist - it will always be there for you.