Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Jade for Wealth + Success + Wisdom

Jade is a green mineral rock that has been around for hundreds of years, often revered by many different people and cultures, and known as the “stone of eternal youth”. Jade’s deep green color isn’t the only reason that it’s also known as a “lucky charm” gemstone, but it certainly plays a part.

jade gemstone properties


The Jade gemstone shares one striking characteristic with abundance, lushness, and money - its remarkable green color. Much like plants have the ability to turn light into nourishment, Jade reflects the ability to harness and transform energy.

As such, Jade’s intrinsic luckiness isn’t the only characteristic working to help you achieve success. In addition to simply being a good luck charm, Jade’s divine energy transforms internal and external negativity, helping you channel your inner confidence to determine the best course of action on your career and financial matters.

 jade beaded gemstone bracelet


Jade is a symbol of longevity and wealth, but not just in terms of dollars and cents. Jade is linked with abundance and good fortune, but it also helps you to lead a richer, more fulfilling life, helping you to find true success and happiness, rather than just financial success. As we all know, money can’t buy happiness; Jade is unique in its ability to help with both financial and overall success.



Jade has been known to bless whatever it touches, encouraging creativity and giving you the courage to discover your inner truth. Jade provides you the wisdom to grow out of self-imposed limitations and grow into new, beneficial behaviors.

Jade is tightly linked to your heart chakra, with vibrations that can help shift blocks and cleanse the heart center. Wear or meditate with Jade at any time in your life to help you to gather tranquil wisdom, discard negativity, and find your true self.