Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Jasper for Determination + Happiness + Peace

Jasper is a dense, opaque form of Chalcedony quartz, available in many different colors and variations, and is widely known as the “nurturing stone”. During times of stress and uncertainty, Jasper provides a supportive and positive energy that can help you heal - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

jasper meaning and properties


Jasper’s use in humanity can be traced back to many ancient civilizations, whose shamans, healers, kings, and priests used this stone for its powerful, grounding energy. It is Jasper’s ability to balance yin and yang that has helped humans find harmony throughout history. 

Through the tranquility and balance of Jasper’s energy, you will find that you can be more honest with yourself, therefore helping to channel the courage to tackle hard problems, transform ideas into action, and aid in your resolve to move forward on an issue or obstacle. For these reasons, Jasper is an excellent gemstone to carry or meditate with when you need a little boost of determination. 


Finding harmony in your daily life and activities can have many benefits. In addition to its powerful grounding properties, Jasper clears environmental pollution and absorbs negative energy, allowing for more space for joy. Jasper’s combined ability to protect and balance can bring more overall happiness to your life, as you are able to be more present and connected to all living things.

jasper cross bracelet


Similar to channeling Jasper’s energy for happiness, you can channel Jasper’s energy to help you find peace. Its grounding energy comes into play again, as it protects and comforts you in the face of daily challenges. Jasper’s energy encourages presence, helping us to feel more whole, and can act as a reminder that we are all a small part of something bigger than ourselves. We are here to bring joy not only to ourselves, but to others, too.

Jasper has long been used by people for daily reinforcement of its grounding, protective energies. Wear Jasper regularly, or lay with it when you meditate, to bring tranquility and inner peace to your day.