Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Kunzite for Love + Friendship + Emotion

Kunzite is considered to be a young gemstone, having only been discovered at the turn of the 20th century by George Frederick Kunz. A light pink to lilac colored crystal, it is often used in jewelry pieces and can vary in its appearance from quite opaque to nearly translucent. Known as the “Woman’s Stone”, Kunzite is a joyful stone that is connected to the heart and love.

kunzite gemstone meaning


Kunzite’s joyful energy is known to help you experience and reciprocate love, connecting the heart with the mind and encouraging communion between the two. When the mind and heart are in harmony, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are more genuine and heartfelt, making Kunzite a great stone for experiencing and developing empathy within your relationships.

Kunzite’s connection to the heart and emotions makes it a gentle, yet powerful gemstone. It will open your heart not only to others, but to yourself, too. Its strong spirituality helps you express those feelings of love to those around you. As such, it is a great gemstone to wear or meditate with if you are looking to find inner peace and self-confidence.

8mm kunzite bracelet


Kunzite’s affinity for empathy and self-confidence makes it a great stone for improving or developing interpersonal relationships. With increased self-confidence, you will be more likely to approach and create new friendships, and your increased empathy will provide you with more kindness and compassion to share with those around you. Kunzite encourages loving communication and bonding with others, making it an excellent stone for finding new friends, or for understanding and improving existing friendships.

dainty kunzite choker


Kunzite is known to activate the Heart Chakra, helping you find tranquility in the noise of life and allow for the safe expression of feelings. Kunzite’s powerfully protective properties are helpful for dealing with current feelings of anxiety or panic, but can also encourage the release of past trauma and verbalization of difficult emotions. 

Kunzite’s sense of warm and welcoming energy will help you to release negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts, and instead focus on the present moment. Its spiritual and aesthetic properties make Kunzite a beautiful stone to wear, but its powerful healing and loving energy make it a great crystal to simply have in your home or office for everyday emotional support.