Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Lapis for Wisdom + Awareness + Truth

Lapis, or Lapis Lazuli, is a highly-sought after combination rock, prized for its intense, bright blue color. This gemstone brings more than just a feeling of serenity - it is a powerful tool for calming your racing mind and seeing your reality more clearly.  

lapis gemstone properties


A stone of truth, Lapis is a great gemstone if you are seeking power within yourself and looking to expand your inner knowledge. Its rich blue color has long been associated with wisdom and truth, and its history with ancient cultures reflects this. Lapis often has tiny flecks of gold or other colors throughout its composition, making it reminiscent of a starry night sky; ancient peoples saw this as a method to channel the godlike energy and wisdom of the heavens above. Lapis has long been associated with activating the higher mind and increasing intuition and insight.


Wisdom brings with it awareness: of the self, the environment, and the world at large. Wearing or carrying Lapis will inevitably bring out your inner truth - your real, authentic self. Mental awareness, paired with wisdom, can help you see more clearly your own wants and desires, and the path to success, whatever that may be. If you struggle to make decisions with certainty, Lapis' propensity for wisdom and awareness can help you find the clarity and inner knowledge you seek to manifest your own destiny.

lapis gold gemstone bracelet


Lapis reveals inner truth and stimulates clarity, helping you deepen your connection with yourself. When you are more in-tune with your true self, you’ll find yourself much more confident and comfortable in your own skin. As such, you will be better prepared to forge new friendships or enhance bonds with existing relationships. When our inner truth and our outer personality are in harmony, we act much more authentically, free from the bounds of our own perceptions of ourselves. Lapis can help you find your inner truth and live a more meaningful, authentic life.

Lapis’ physical properties make it a great stone for decoration, as its gorgeous blue hues will surely catch anyone’s eye, however; it is Lapis’ ability to help you channel your own inner strength, wisdom, and knowledge that can guide you in accessing and becoming your highest self.