Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Larimar for Harmony + Joy + Tranquility

Known as the “Atlantis Stone”, “Stefilia’s Stone”, or “Dolphin Stone”, Larimar is a semi-precious Blue Pectolite gemstone that is found only in the glimmering blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean. As such, it is known to channel the soothing energy of the sea and sky from which it originates.

larimar gemstone properties and meaning


Larimar originated in the warm, salty waters of the Caribbean Ocean, beneath a bright, sunny sky, and as such, it embodies these two elements to bring a sense of harmony to both the body and soul. While it is a water element stone, it was born of volcanic origins, further increasing this stone’s ability to balance and harmonize opposing energies. Larimar is an excellent stone for meditation, as it calms the mind and creates inner peace. 


Harmony brings balance, and balance brings peace. When we are at peace with ourselves, we can more easily traverse the difficulties of life and love. Larimar helps us to release our own self-sabotaging behaviors, making it a powerful emotional purifier and a helpful tool in building our own self confidence.

Happiness requires a holistic approach, and Larimar encourages this. It not only helps us see ourselves more clearly, but it also is tied closely to the Throat Chakra, encouraging effective communication with others and speaking our truth. To channel Larimar’s joyous properties, simply hold and look into the stone’s blue, sea-like appearance and you will feel the joy of the beach and ocean overcome you.


Larimar doesn’t just look oceanic - it promotes the same calming feelings that a tropical ocean would. Its harmonizing properties, paired with its watery origins, make it an ideal stone for channeling the calming, relaxing energy of the ocean. You can use Larimar as a worry stone during times of trouble, or simply sit quietly with the stone to reconnect with your own inner ebbs and flows.

Larimar’s calming, harmonizing properties make this stone a must-have. It embodies a perfect day at the beach; bringing us the peace of the ocean, cooling hot tempers and reducing worry and anxiety, while promoting balance, happiness, and joy.