Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Moldavite for Luck + Courage + Transformation

Found scattered throughout Europe, especially Germany, Austria, and the Czech republic, moldavite is a green stone likely formed by a meteorite impact in Southern Germany nearly 15 million years ago. Fragile as glass, it is best worn in earrings and pendants where it is safe from impacts or pressure.

Befitting its origins, this is a stone of luck and transformation. It inspires its wearers to seek out the unique and the extraordinary with courage and determination, encountering inner change along the way.

MOLDAVITE gemstone meaning


This stone has a long association with luck, extending back to Czechoslovakian legends making it a traditional gift for married couples. Its extraordinary background from the cosmos serves as a reminder that there is unexplored potential in even the most unassuming places—we just need some luck and a leap of faith to leave a great impact.

Wearing moldavite is a remedy against unnecessary pessimism or cynicism. It is a reminder that we make our own luck when we open ourselves up to the wonders of the world around us.


As the result of the scattered remains of a broken meteorite, wearing moldavite focuses a longing for the lost and fragmented parts of ourselves. This stone provides resilience when embarking on long inner journeys to connect with past selves and recover forgotten memories.

Combining courage and fragility, moldavite is a valuable stone when meditating by oneself. It is also known for improving memory and untangling emotions, assisting those undergoing therapy or working through trauma.

moldavite necklace


From the sky to the earth, moldavite symbolizes change along a clear and gradual trajectory. By seizing its gifts of luck and courage, the wearer can orient their life in new directions and invest in emotional growth.

Moldavite is a stone for life events: getting married, having kids, changing careers, moving to a new country, moldavite will help you determine the next steps on your journey.