Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Pyrite for Wealth + Success + Protection

Named after the Greek word for fire (pyr-) for casting sparks when struck with another mineral or metal, pyrite is more commonly known today as “fools gold” due to more than one prospector mistaking this iron sulfide mineral for the jackpot. However, it would not be foolish at all to incorporate this striking metal into your jewelry and your home.

pyrite meaning and properties


While pyrite may not be gold, it is still a valuable symbol of abundance. Its gold-like shine and optimistic, steady energy are reminders of future wealth to come and can help keep you focused on your business endeavors. Placing pyrite around your house can encourage a positive, wealth-welcoming mindset. This mineral has also been popular in jewelry since the late 1800s when it was often made into beads and cabochons, so you can also consider wearing it on your person with a ring or necklace.


Monetary wealth is one measure of success, but not the only one. In addition to business acumen, pyrite can assist you with creative projects or personal goals. Consider bringing a bit of pyrite to your home workout, using it to focus and avoid fatigue or distractions. You can also look at, or carry, pyrite while brainstorming, studying, or drafting up future plans. By adding clarity to your thoughts, pyrite will help you when working on projects or communicating your ideas to others. Don’t be surprised if you feel more charismatic when using pyrite to stay optimistic and dedicated to your original plans and ideals.


Pyrite’s protective nature is visible in its opaqueness, its pale shimmer, and its cubic crystalline growth patterns. Combining simplicity and a bold shine, pyrite is like a suit of armor that can shield the mind from negative thoughts and provide you with greater focus and commitment. Pyrite makes a powerful worry stone to carry in your pocket before meetings or major events. Polished samples of pyrite on a desk or bedside table provide a focus point for meditating or clearing your thoughts before working or sleeping.