Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Riverstone for Change + Acceptance + Growth

Riverstone is a name for limestones that are smoothed out and polished while lying in riverbeds. Its natural, creamy, tan coloration carries a subtle beauty, and it can be cut or shaped to show off unique patterns on its surface. 

riverstone meaning and properties


Riverstones are associated with the flows and shifts of running water. When wearing riverstone, one might remember the words of the Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: panta rhei, “everything flows.” 

This stone encourages quick and easy transition between the old and the new, fighting off sluggishness and hesitancy and providing a positive view of the future.


The ultimate endpoint of any change is acceptance and understanding of new circumstances. Riverstone’s simple, soothing appearance symbolizes the importance of keeping calm and accepting difficult transitions

Wearing beaded riverstone can serve as a reminder that all things are transitory, that peace and meaning emerge from the process of change.


While this stone is a symbol of change and flux, it is also a symbol of progress: a river is always changing, but it still has direction; a seed is different from a flower, but the flower is the endpoint of the seed. Wearing riverstone can help you feel calm and oriented during times of change, giving you the clarity to seek new paths on your way towards personal growth.

Riverstones make great focus objects when working with meditation or therapy; they are emblematic of the continuous process of uncovering who you are and who you may become.