Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Sunstone for Positivity + Creativity + Confidence

Sunstones are a kind of feldspar (magma crystals) with special minerals that produce bright flashes at the right angle (known as “aventurescence”). This stone is popular among creative jewelers but isn’t always common in stores, making its alluring aventurescence a unique and inspiring feature unseen in other gems. 


sunstone meaning and gem properties


The warm glow of sunstone is reminiscent of the positive energy of the sun itself. Meditating or focusing with this stone can bring in light and clear away darkness and negativity. For chakra practices, this stone is known for cleansing all the chakras—especially the Base and Sacral Chakras. It is useful for those who feel abandoned or drained by their friends, family, or acquaintances, reinstalling optimism in the face of difficulties. 


Sunstones are fantastic focus objects when you need to align yourself towards new goals and creative projects. When you feel like you’re unsure of the future or whether you can accomplish your goals, the light of the sunstone is a reminder of the light at the end of the tunnel. As a symbol of clarity and illumination, this stone can help you overcome uncertainty and take decisive action while pursuing your creative projects.

sunstone beaded wrap bracelet


The interior glow of the sunstone is a symbol of inner worth and power. This stone is perfect for those who feel they are sacrificing too much of their time and energy to others; holding a sunstone encourages self-confidence and self-care. With this stone in hand, you can retain more energy and say “no” to those who wish to take advantage of your generosity—keeping hold of your self-worth and inner power.

 While the sunstone does not belong to birthstone charts, it is a great gift for those with solar zodiac signs such as Virgo and Aries. Sunstone’s connection to optimism and self-confidence makes it a perfect self-care gift to alleviate stress and orient yourself in a more positive direction.