Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Tigers Eye for Inspiration + Perspective + Good Luck

With their striking amber and brown stripes and luminous streaks (or “chatoyancy”), Tigers Eye is a popular stone often found in rings and brooches. This stone’s bold appearance is like a bolt of lightning in the dark, encouraging strength and confidence in all your endeavors.

tigers eye gemstone properties


The golden glow of this stone can act like a lantern in the dark—symbolizing clarity and insight in moments of uncertainty or doubt. This stone is an excellent source of focus, especially for artists and other creative individuals who seek to give form to abstract ideas and feelings. It is also a source of courage and confidence for those who need to overcome insecurities or toxic energy. 



Legends say that Tigers Eye was used by the Ancient Egyptians, serving as the eyes of their deities for their statues. This stone is still seen as a symbol of vision and clarity—serving as a reminder that there is always more than one side to a situation.

This stone is perfect for those who seek to find a new perspective or escape old habits. Fear can be transformed into courage while meditating with this stone, clearing away clouded thoughts and allowing you to find new paths and possibilities.

 mens tigers eye bracelet

Good Luck

Cats are so lucky that they’re said to have nine lives, used to escape even the most dangerous situations. Tigers eye may not come from an actual tiger, but it still contains some of that feline luck. It’s connection to insight and perspective allow you to better envision your goals and connect to your ambitions. When utilized in feng shui, tigers eye is best placed at the front door and in your home office to welcome in good luck and positive energy, while protecting you from bad luck.  

Tigers eye is a Gemini birthstone, both share a connection with new beginnings, conviction, and impulsivity. It is perfect for those who are seeking to start new journeys or try new things, and makes an excellent gift for friends or family who are committing to new professions, starting college, or getting married. Anyone who needs courage, inspiration, and a bit of luck when taking a step into the unknown can benefit from tigers eye.