Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Turquoise for Health + Protection + Wisdom

This beautiful bluish-green stone is so iconic that “turquoise” is a common name for blue-green colors on their own. Turquoise has been coveted for millennia, with ancient Egyptians, South American and North American tribes, and Asian empires all incorporating this gem in their jewelry. Its powerful, almost glowing, blue-green hue is reminiscent of crystalline waters. If turquoise appeals to you, it may be taken as a sign that you require healing and clarity.

turquoise meaning and properties


Turquoise is a serene stone, inspiring inner peace and emotional tranquility. It is a poignant symbol of spiritual wellbeing and may serve as a source of motivation while overcoming psychological challenges and past traumas. It is a fantastic worry stone and focus point for those who are confronting inner pain or looking to leave behind bad habits. Turquoise is also associated with the blue throat chakra, connected to communication skills and immunity from colds. 

mongolian turquoise


It is said that the ancient Persians were so convinced of Turquoise’s protective powers that they would adorn their swords, armor, and horses with the stone. Turquoise can be placed around the entrance to your home, as well as by your bedside and desk, to ensure that your house radiates with positive energy and feelings of security.

Turquoise can be used in conjunction with Feng Shei to invite good fortune into your home. Combining this stone with light yellow, green, and brown colors can add a natural touch to your day and encourage feelings of natural wellbeing.

turquoise nugget pendant


Turquoise’s connection to the throat chakra also makes it a symbol of truth and wisdom. When you wish to speak with honesty and conviction, you may wear and visualize turquoise for additional focus. Its connection to mental and spiritual wellbeing cultivates clarity and inner honesty—letting you accept what cannot be changed while providing insight into new paths.

Turquoise is a December birthstone and is associated with the astrological sign Sagittarius. It is a wonderful stone for those who seek inner clarity and insight when facing personal challenges and moving beyond the past into the future.