Exploring Gemstone Meaning: White Howlite for Communication + Awareness + Patience

Originally discovered in Windsor, Nova Scotia by the chemist and geologist Henry How in 1868, howlite is best recognized by the dark, weblike veins that course through its marble-like white body. Its unique appearance has also led to the nickname “Snow Leopard Stone,” and like those beautiful cats, it is a symbol of awareness, patience, and clarity.

white howlite meaning and properties


The opaque, white foundation of howlite is akin to a blank page of paper, ready to absorb your thoughts as they spread like the dark patterns on its surface. Howlite is a great stone for finding inner clarity and reducing anxiety or stress. Meditating with howlite may assist in preparing for important conversations, meetings, or other events where clear and precise communication is essential.


The mixture of intricate patterns and simple, clear white in howlite emphasizes the importance of awareness. It brings together clarity and openness of mind on the one hand with insight into detail on the other.

Howlite can be a cure for distractions or intrusive thoughts: focus on a particular piece of howlite and reflect on its unique composition, visualize it whenever your mind begins to wonder for greater acuteness and clarity. Developing reflection with howlite can keep you in-tune with your surroundings and help you notice details that you once missed.  


In addition to clarity in-the-moment, howlite can serve as a reminder that one must often take many steps before reaching their end goal. The clarity one may achieve while meditating with howlite encourages serenity in the moment, even while considering the possibilities of the future. Placing this stone under your pillow at night is said to battle insomnia, discouraging you from worrying about what the next day will bring.

Howlite is a non-traditional birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign Gemini and is perfect for those who suffer from mood swings or stress. Anyone who works in management, engages in public speaking, or is working on long-term goals may feel reassured by this stone’s presence as a symbol of patience, communication, and awareness.