Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Chrysoprase for Positivity + Compassion + Happiness

Described as uniquely “apple green” in color, Chrysoprase is a stone of easygoing, upbeat qualities like positivity and happiness. Its bright and translucent character are fitting with its uses, which are focused around heightened energy and the freedom of finding balance. 

chrysoprase gemstone meaning



As a stone of balance, Chrysoprase makes it possible to easily overcome negativity through the calming of tensions, easing the overload of weighty thoughts and emotions. Meditating with this stone brings positive emotions and energies to the forefront, opening up a fresh slate of new possibilities free from the grasp of harmful emotions. 

As an energizing stone, Chrysoprase is said to heighten a wearer’s positive attitudes, attuning them to new areas of focus.



This heightened awareness and energy can encourage a more open attitude, ready to reflect positivity outward, resulting in a newly compassionate approach.

Because of its balancing properties, Chrysoprase also encourages forgiveness as a form of restoring balance, which leads to a deep compassion for others, whether they have been sources of help or harm. 



Associated with the heart chakra, Chrysoprase invites balance and aids a wearer in tapping into the deep well of energies available in the universe. This allows for a fullness of the experience of emotions, meaning that happiness can thoroughly shine through. 

This stone is recognized as a spring stone, but can make a great gift for anyone experiencing a time of “spring” in their life, such as welcoming new personal habits, making big moves in a career or expecting a child.