Hand-Stamped vs. Engraved Jewelry

The personalized jewelry you’ll receive from Horsefeathers Gifts is created through Chelsea’s own hard work.

Our hand-stamped jewelry has a special look and each piece will be completely unique, even if you ask for the same design or words as someone else.

what is hand stamped jewelry

So, what’s the difference between our hand-stamped originals and engraved jewelry?

While, I’m sure you’ve heard the terminology of both engraved and hand-stamped jewelry, you may be wondering, “Are they the same thing?”

 While both styles will end up imprinting a design or words onto the piece of metal, there are significant differences. 

Engraved jewelry’s designs and words done through software on a computer-guided machine. When a piece is engraved, it will have evenly spaced lettering and a more polished look. It will actually remove part of the metal from the piece’s surface.  

 Hand-stamping involves your hands … surprise! But, specifically, your hands using a hammer to strike individual steel stamps onto metal creating an exceptional item.


All of this is created by the stamper’s eye – in our case, Chelsea’s eye. She holds the steel stamp in place and hits the end with a hammer to impress the exact design you wanted. Each letter or design will be added individually, causing variations in not only spacing, but the depth of the design as well. What this means is each hand-stamped piece is going to be completely different.

And, slightly, but beautifully imperfect.

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