Your Guide To Stacking Gemstone Bracelets

For many of our Horsefeathers tribe, creating the perfect stack can be daunting. While that might sound a tad dramatic, you know that a great stack on your arm can make your day. Seriously! If you pair the combo just right, you'll smile every time you look down at your wrist.

 how to stack bracelets

Building your perfect stack:


1. Bright, neutral, or mixed?

The options are endless, so you can decide if you want to make a neutral stack, a bold look, or add a pop of color. We tend to gravitate toward our favorite colors, making pairing things together more effortless. 

horse feathers gemstone jewelry 

2. Pick your meaningful gems  

The star of your stack is going to be our meaningful gems. Take a peek at their meanings and choose the gemstones that speak to you. These powerful little gems are the perfect armor for every day!

 high quality gemstone bracelets


3. Add a Charm Bracelet

Our charm bracelets are my go-to when filling out a stack. The options are endless, so you can choose the charm that speaks to you or create your custom piece with one of our hand-stamped tags. You'll love the added jingle tossing in a charm bracelet or two makes.  

  horse feathers charm bracelets


4. Add some texture with a chain bracelet. 

Our simple chain bracelets are the perfect way to finish off your look. Throw a couple in for a more casual + natural look. 

dainty metal bracelets 

A genuinely great stack consists of 6 to 8 bracelets. But, use your judgment on how many jewels are too many or when eight is just not enough. 

Now get out there and get your stack on, girl!