How To: Create The Perfect Bracelet Stack

For many of our Horsefeathers tribe, creating the perfect stack can be a daunting task.

While that might sound a tad dramatic, you know that a great stack on your arm can make your day. 

Seriously! If you pair the combo just right you’re going to bring a smile to your face every time you reach down to tie your shoe, or when you take a sip of your java.

how to create a bracelet stack


Building your perfect stack:

1. Bright, neutral or mixed ?

The options are endless so you can decide if you want to make a neutral stack, a bold look or add a pop of color. We tend to gravitate towards our favorite colors which make pairing things together a bit more effortless. 



2. Pick your meaningful gems  

The star of your stack is going to be our meaningful gems. Take a peek at their meanings and choose the gems that speak to you. These powerful little beauties are the perfect armor for everyday!

Shop Meaningful Gems here. 


3. Add a Charm Bracelet

Our charm bracelets are my go to when filling out a stack. The options are endless so you can choose the charm that speaks to you, or create your own custom piece with you Tiny Token collection. The charm or token hanging down adds some fun texture to your stack!

Shop charm bracelets here.



4. Add some olive wood. 

Olive wood bracelets are the perfect way to finish off your look. Throw a couple in for a more casual + natural look. BONUS: if you're into essential oils like we are, these beads can double as essential oil diffusers! Simply add a couple drops of your favorite oil to the inside of your wrist, and slide the beads around to coat them in the oils. This will allow the scent to stay with you for hours. 

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Here's a few fun looks we created using this style guide as a base!

Butterfly. Good Vibe Tribe. Homebody. Meaningful Gems. Wonderfully Made. Signature Stacker.
Meaningful Amazonite. Peace Sign. Good Vibe Tribe. Love Letters. 
 Love Letters. Pyrite Meaningful. Tiny Treasures. Signature Stacker. Together Apart. 
A truly fantastic stack consists of 6 to 8 bracelets. But, use your judgement on how many jewels are too many, or when 8 is just not enough. 
Now get out there and get your stack on, girl!