Leo Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

When one imagines a Leo, one might remember William Blake’s poetic lines: “Tyger Tyger, burning bright,/In the forests of the night;/What immortal hand or eye,/Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” Now, Leo’s zodiac sign is a lion, not a tiger, but like the jungle cat in Blake’s poem, Leo’s are known for their strength and bright, burning personality that can light up a room.

Those born under this sign are big, optimistic, and energetic; they aren’t afraid to express themselves and love to show off their skills and hard work. On the other hand, Leos can get a little bit full of themselves and take up too much space, and they may mistake a strong work ethic for worth. The best Leo birthstones synchronize with Lion’s strength of character and natural leadership, while also reminding them to share space with others and to find inner peace and worth beyond hard work or action. Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful Leo birthstones; the Lion also responds well to Black Onyx and Rhodochrosite.

Leo crystals

Tiger’s Eye

Already full of energy and vibrance, Leos can use Tiger’s Eye as a focus point for their strength and dynamism. This powerful stone compliments a powerful personality, while simultaneously helping Leo ground themselves to keep their energy in check.

Associated with perspective and luck, this stone can help the sometimes-stubborn Leo accept defeat, or at least walk away from a challenge to face it another day, and to be more easygoing while accepting free, “unearned”, gifts in life.

Black Onyx

The deep, dark black of onyx radiates a power that’s very different from the glow of a Tiger’s eye. This stone offers a subtler, balanced strength to the bold and striking personality of Leo, encouraging stability and protection over brashness and aggressiveness.

Black Onyx is able to absorb negative or overwhelming energies into its depths and makes an excellent meditation or worry stone for Leos. Its connection to confidence and protection also aligns with Leo’s natural charisma and their desire to protect close friends. At the same time, this stone can also help Leo look deeper at their own needs and emotions, learning to let go of grudges, grief, and even relationships that they have been holding onto.


Charismatic, protective, and enthusiastic, Leos make passionate lovers who are always eager to go on another adventure with their partners. Rhodochrosite attunes to this loving and tender side, expressing their generosity and love of providing for their families and loved ones.

A stone of compassion and worthiness, Rhodochrosite can also help Leos find self-worth beyond competitive goals, material wealth, and personal achievements. Leos who struggle with trust, or who set impossible standards, may find this stone a reminder to consider the wants, needs, and independence of others.

Daring and expressive, Leos always stand out, and they respond well to clear and honest communication. A tiger’s eye bracelet or ring makes a bold gift to show how much their generosity and enthusiasm mean to you.