Libra Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

The seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra is the zodiac sign of balance, power, and fairness. Those born under the sign of the scales are known for their charm and empathy, often privileging trust and positivity.

Libras make great diplomats and consultants, ready to find a compromise and emphasize the best in everybody. On the other hand, they can be fearful of negative feedback or criticism, trying to solve other peoples’ problems rather than confront their own fears and doubts. Their attempt to see the best in all sides can also make them seem flakey or inconsistent.

The best birthstones for Libras—like chrysoprase, agate, and aquamarine—empower their natural positivity and skill of mediation, while helping them also address their self-consciousness and their own needs.

Libra Crystals


An emotional stone emphasizing positivity and compassion, chrysoprase naturally compliments Libra’s diplomatic instincts—revealing the best in everyone and the benefits of cooperation.

Simultaneously, Chrysoprase encourages internal balance and the search for real, authentic happiness. Libras who find themselves projecting a positive attitude for the benefit of others can wear Chrysoprase to embrace a more holistic and genuine persona, emphasizing happiness without ignoring negative emotions.


Calm and stoic with its earthy colors, agate can help Libras stand their ground and defend their own interests, instead of compromising or deferring to others’ needs.

Agate is a good stone to wear when facing an expected challenge, building strength and confidence for dissertations, speeches, tests, or even breakups. Keeping agate in your bathroom can help you grow more confident with your daily routines, reminding you to value yourself and find firm ground on which to pursue your own goals.


­­Libras who struggle with anxiety or indecisiveness can benefit from carrying aquamarine with them. This stone taps into courage and inner peace, allowing wearers to commit to decisions and follow their intuition without second-guessing themselves.

Libras expect big things, but if their plans are slow to come to fruition, they can take out their frustrations on others. This stone is a reminder that it is always okay to ask for help, symbolizing love and new beginnings. Sleeping with it beside your bed can release worries and tension each night.

Those born under the sign of the scales appreciate thoughtful gifts that show support and appreciation. As sociable negotiators and problem solvers, they may hide how much they long for encouragement from others. Consider giving gifts to commemorate anniversaries or when a Libra you know is setting out to accomplish something big like starting a business, going to school, or getting married.

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