Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Agate for Confidence + Strength + Grounding

With Agate, it’s all about balance. A calming stone that resolves conflicting energies, Agate is versatile, dependable, and just right for anyone looking to turn inward for strength. Appearing in many varieties and colors, Agate is associated with different types of healing properties, but each includes the following important basic qualities. 

agate stone properties


Helping to quiet distracting thoughts, Agate clears the way for bright, self-assured energy to shine through. You have had deep knowledge of your skills and goals all along, and this stone is there to turn your confidence volume up to the maximum, and silence everything else. 

Meditating with banded agate, your focus can be adjusted to fully capture the best order of things, whether they be priorities, dreams, or everyday tasks, and with the solid base of a plan, your actions can be taken with absolute confidence.



Associated with the root chakra, banded Agate guides a concentration of personal power and a quelling of any unfocused energy.

You know who you are, and Agate is there to remind you to always tap into the strength that is your identity. This stone tells you: You knew how to do it all along, and you will reach all the mountain peaks you seek to summit.



The grounding qualities of Agate are limitless. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing can all be enacted with Agate - by promoting energetic balance between the various elements at work within you, Agate creates room for a healing harmony.



If you’re seeking to connect deeply with the grounding properties of Agate, be sure to wear it for long periods of time, as this kind of healing energy is a steady boost.