Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Aventurine for Luck + Leadership + Prosperity

A charming green quartz stone, aventurine wastes no time on mystery — it clearly announces itself as a talisman of luck and prosperity, with its tones reminiscent of vibrant, lush fields of clover. (It helps that it’s the color of money, too!) This stone is an important symbol of all the opportunity that is out there in the world, ready to be seized.

aventurine gemstone properties


Sometimes called the “The Gambler’s Stone,” or “The Stone of Opportunity,” aventurine is said to bring more luck than any other good luck charm. Bringing fresh, cleansing energy, the stone is a reminder to let go of the past and embrace the ideal outcome that you’re seeking. 


Aventurine is at your side whenever you’re looking for a burst of confidence. And what is leadership if not well-applied confidence? 

The stone is also known to amplify the effects of other stones around it, so if you’re looking to meditate on your growth as a leader, consider gathering stones that represent the qualities you’d like to share as a leader, and move forward confidently into your new role!

aventurine ring


Coincidental as the color’s matchup to the dollar might be, the stone promotes a different kind of prosperity as well — overall well-being. As a green stone, it is connected to the heart chakra, helping clear energetic space for general prosperity of health and wellness.

A perfect addition to daily jewelry for anyone hoping to take big, important steps into their future, aventurine is a great gift for recent graduates or someone who is taking a big step in their career.

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