Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Black Onyx for Balance + Confidence + Protection

A deep black crystal known for its receptive properties, Black Onyx is a stone of protection and inner strength, encouraging the wearer to discover their own power through the release of negativity.

 onyx gemstone properties



Able to bear the weight of many energies, Black Onyx can restore balance by absorbing residual negativity from the wearer. This quality can be used in meditation to come to a new level of internal strength.

A stone of the root chakra, Black Onyx is a dependable source of grounding, encouraging energy balance throughout the body, which releases distracting tensions and clears room for confident choices free of unnecessary energetic burdens. 



Black Onyx guides the wearer to an achievement of confidence in the form of resilience. This stone is a reminder that power to overcome has been within us all along. The stone gives us the extra message of encouragement we need to move past doubts and into the visions we have for the future. 



The protective qualities of Black Onyx date back centuries. The stone was worn by Cleopatra as a special warning against negative forces, and often appears as a symbol of strength against negativity.

Historically recognized as an aid to peacefully letting go of relationships that have run their course and a talisman for releasing other negative emotions and energies, gifting this stone is a gesture of goodwill and empathy. Share this token of inner strength with a loved one or yourself during times of trouble as a reminder of the personal power we each hold.