Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Blue Goldstone for Ambition + Positive Energy + Protection

Blue Goldstone is a semi-precious man-made gem, composed of quartz-sand and copper flecks which give it the appearance of a starry-night. Much like the related reddish-brown Goldstone gem, many legends surround the Blue Goldstone’s origins and inventors, but it is believed to have been first produced in Italy



Blue Goldstone is also known as the “stone of confidence”, sharing its ambitious energies with you whenever it is near. Blue Goldstone can have grounding effects on you, giving you the confidence to further your career by helping you to think deeply about your ideas and steadily work toward your goals.

It can be common for actors and other entertainers to keep Blue Goldstone near or on them during performances, in the hopes of being catapulted to fame; likewise, you can keep a piece of Blue Goldstone near your resume or your work area, increasing your motivation and drive, and channeling its energy into your ambitions to increase career opportunities. 


Positive Energy

Much like diamonds or the reddish-brown Goldstone, Blue Goldstone’s flecks of copper represent the ability to deflect negative energy. Its combined ability to provide positive energy and hone in on ambitions makes Blue Goldstone a great gem for uplifting yourself and focusing positive energy toward the future.

Like the serenity of the ocean, Blue Goldstone’s grounding energy from its deep blue hues also allow us to find inner peace and be less judgmental of ourselves and others, further improving our energy and outlook.



Blue Goldstone is considered by the spirit realm to be a protection mineral; this is due to its ability to deflect unwanted energies. It enhances your own positivity and resiliency, helping to protect you, even from your own insecurities. The Blue Goldstone can be worn or carried regularly for positivity and protection; once you start using this stone, you will notice how quickly it restores your drained energy and uplifts you to take on any challenge that awaits you.