Exploring Gemstone Meaning: Carnelian for Creativity + Confidence + Passion

As its deep orange and red hues suggest, Carnelian is a stone with qualities that encourage deep engagement in all aspects of life. The stone allows a wearer to release misgivings and fully attend to all that comes their way. 

carnelian meaning and uses



Useful for stimulating blocked energies, Carnelian can help a wearer apply a fresh perspective, comfortably adapting to whatever approach is best suited to a complicated or sticky situation. 

Carnelian’s properties are invigorating and encourage getting over hurdles that have previously seemed impossible to overcome. This stone is especially influential in instances of mental block or other disengagement, and when used in meditation can clear paths for imaginative new ideas to flow.



Associated with the sacral chakra and healing of the base chakra, Carnelian has the quality of leading a wearer to their intrinsic power, both increasing personal power and allowing easier access to it. This leads to confidence in self and a release of any negative energies that would reduce confidence. 



Carnelian attunes a wearer to both passionate romantic love and passion in everyday adventures, as it has energizing properties that allow for a clearer flow of ideas, joy and other positive emotions. The warmth of the stone can encourage boldness and free expression, leading to a fuller experience of all aspects of daily life. 

This stone has also been referred to as The “Singer’s Stone” due to the special type of confidence it encourages and would be the perfect gift for a loved one who is often found holding live performances.