Mood Rings: The Ultimate Guide To How They Work

Mood rings have been a source of fascination and inspiration for decades. Not only are they desired for their chic, retro style, but they can also serve an important purpose by helping the wearer better understand their emotions. The color-changing aspect of mood rings is based on science and is meant to promote both self-awareness and positivity.

how do mood rings work

History of Mood Rings

Mood rings were first developed in the 1970s by New Yorkers Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds. Reynolds, stuck in a stressful job on Wall Street, had decided to begin studying biofeedback, and the mood ring was developed as a way to help the wearer be more aware of their emotions. When it came out in 1975 it was an instant sensation, and people across the country became enchanted with this new and stylish opportunity for self-discovery. Mood rings enjoyed another surge of popularity in the 1990s, and today they continue to provide a simple, elegant way to stay in tune with our body’s signals and be true to ourselves.

 small silver mood ring

The Science Behind Mood Rings

The emotion-sensing properties of mood rings are actually based in science. The “mood stone” itself is made from liquid crystal adhered to glass stone and then affixed to a ring. The crystal is thermochromic, meaning it changes color based on temperature. When the temperature shifts, the molecules in the crystal begin to twist, causing different wavelengths of light to be absorbed or reflected. These molecular changes are what create the beautiful hues that characterize a mood ring. 

The temperature that a mood stone responds to is based on a person’s peripheral body temperature, which changes in response to blood flow. Different types of emotions cause blood to either be circulated toward the skin (increased temperature) or directed toward the internal organs (decreased temperature). When wearing a mood ring, your finger rests against the open back of the mood stone, allowing your body heat to radiate through and provide vibrant colors.

retro silver mood ring

How to Use Your Mood Ring

Positive emotions have not only been linked to a greater sense of wellbeing, but also to better health and a longer life. Our vintage mood rings provide an easy, direct way to engage with those thoughts and feelings as we strive to better understand ourselves. When we become aware of the activities and people that bring us happiness, we can actively cultivate more positivity in our lives. Whether it’s hope, creativity, compassion, or peace, being able to see your body responding to the goodness in the world around you will help your day start off well and continue that way.