Pisces Crystals: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign of the Zodiac, with a duration that lasts from February 19th to March 20th. This sign’s birthstone is aquamarine, befitting its nature as a water sign associated with Neptune and its constellation of two fishes.

Those born under the sign of Pisces—sometimes called Pisceans—are often associated with imagination, emotion, dreams, and artistry. Pisceans can find inspiration in the most unexpected places and cherish deep friendships, but they can also become stuck in their thoughts and may become anxious or depressed. They should be encouraged to speak up, stay focused on the present, and find the strength to set healthy expectations in their relationships.



The Piscean birthstone, aquamarine expresses the calm ebbs and flows of crystalline water. Its bright, yet soothing, blue connects with the intuitive and transformative nature of Pisces, while simultaneously encouraging clarity and honesty along with inner peace and stillness. 

This stone encourages the imaginative and compassionate strengths of Pisces while tempering their melancholy and shyness.


Associated with trust, healing, and intuition, amethyst naturally connects with Pisces’ easygoing and empathetic nature. 

As a protective stone, amethyst can also help Pisceans move outside of their comfort zone, and its association with trust may help with over-thinking that could damage relationships.


A stone of happiness, determination, and peace, Jasper nurtures feelings of calm which may resonate with Pisces’ easygoing nature. It may also help them focus and slow down, rather than drift with flights of fancy.

As a symbol of positivity, Jasper resonates with Pisceans' compassion and wonder. At the same time, being a sign of determination, Jasper tells Pisces to take care of themselves and avoid becoming too wrapped up in introspection and uncertainty.


For those Pisceans who struggle with self-confidence and taking action, Ruby counterposes the easygoing nature of water with the power and courage of fire. This is just the stone for those who feel the need to go against the flow every once in a while, instead of with it.


Pisces’ emotional nature can lead to deep friendships, but it can also make them feel betrayed and depressed by small misfortunes—fixating on the failures of the past. To counterpose this, bloodstone brings forth the focus, strength, and perseverance of the warrior, helping the Piscean avoid rumination when they could be taking action.

Curious, gentle, and loving, Pisces is a beautiful sign that encapsulates the virtues of wonder and compassion. Sensitive souls, Pisceans can benefit from stones that encourage focus and resilience, as well as inspire courage and speaking up for oneself.

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