Sagittarius Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

Principled, investigative, and expressive, those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to travel into the unknown and ask new questions. They are unafraid of change, always looking to the horizon like the ready archer of their zodiac sign.

Sagittarius signs are simultaneously dedicated and flexible. They love to try new things, go new places, meet new people, and learn new facts. When they focus on their latest project, little can tear them away from it— except their own attention span and change of interests. Stones associated with travel and protection mesh well with Sagittarius’s love of discovery, while wisdom and awareness can help with their flightiness and unrealistic ambitions.


Associated with health, protection, and spiritual wellbeing, turquoise naturally resonates with Sagittarius’s expressive and investigative personality. It channels their self-assured open-mindedness, as well as their natural friendliness and positivity.

Turquoise is also a stone of wisdom and focus. Sagittarius may benefit from keeping this stone at their workplace, desk, or carrying one on their latest adventure, to stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked by another goal. Meditating with turquoise keeps one focused in the present, perfect for the Sagittarius who is constantly wondering what might lie on the other side of the horizon.

Sagittarius signs value honesty and truth very highly, befitting their curious nature—they want to show things to the world, with little patience for those who would hide potential discoveries. As a stone of truth and wisdom, lapis resonates with the Archer’s love of discovery. Wearing lapis inspires insight, clarity, and intuition while searching for new breakthroughs.

Lapis can also focus awareness and understanding inwards, tempering a Sagittarius’s flighty and compulsive focus on the outside world. Sleeping beside lapis can calm, taking attention away from the temporary rush of achievements and emphasizing the worthiness in our own being.

The Archer always aims high, for targets almost beyond one’s sight. A stone of strength and protection, labradorite is the perfect companion for those tough journeys that push Sagittarius’s limits. Labradorite makes a great focus stone when pursuing new goals—mental or physical—and makes the journey towards the destination more meaningful.

Simultaneously a stone of transformation and intuition, labradorite pairs well with Sagittarius’s ambition and curiosity. Meditating with labradorite after finishing a project helps Sagittarius appreciate the lessons they’ve learned, savoring the changes in their own understanding and capacities before overpromising on their own abilities with the next project.

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