Scorpio Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Uses

Intense, cool, and calculating, Scorpios are simultaneously popular and fearsome, mysterious and fashionable, blunt and evasive. Like the scorpion symbolized in their zodiac, Scorpios are known to be loners with a dangerous streak—especially when pushed. Despite a reputation for ruthlessness, Scorpios are fiercely protective of those who have shown their loyalty and worth. They value the truth very highly, though they are not always straightforward with their information, and they guard any secret given to them in confidence.

Those born under the sign of the scorpion benefit from stones like rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and amethyst which can soften their cynical worldview, overcome their fear of vulnerability, and direct their magnetism, focus, and strength towards worthy goals.

crystals for Scorpio zodiac

Rose Quartz

Associated with compassion, love, and forgiveness, rose quartz is a natural link to the most sensitive and emotional parts of our inner self. Despite their steely exterior, Scorpios have a deep emotional life, so deep it can even frighten them, which is why they choose not to express it.

Meditating with rose quartz can help Scorpios address their inner feelings, especially conflicted feelings for others, which require a more tender and contemplative attitude. Wearing rose quartz when meeting friends, going on dates, or starting new relationships can help a Scorpio focus on opening themselves up and finding emotional closeness with others.


Known for their ambition and charisma, Scorpios can benefit from the positivity and optimism of rhodochrosite. A symbol of worthiness, wearing this stone can help a Scorpio express their self-confidence and determination without succumbing to brooding or contempt.

As a stone of love and compassion, rhodochrosite also reminds Scorpios to think of others—as well as forgive themselves. Valuing control and discipline, Scorpios who fail to consider others can become manipulative and isolated. They can also be too hard on themselves, bottling up emotions and growing isolated because of their own strict standards. Keeping rhodochrosite in the bedroom or personal office can help a Scorpio become more lenient and considerate, both with others and with themselves.


Strong-willed and prone to bluntness, Scorpios can make dedicated friends and protectors—but their solitariness and Machiavellian attitudes can make it hard to get that close. Amethyst is a protective stone, naturally syncing with Scorpio’s appreciation for harsh truths and instinct. At the same time, this stone offers a more sober attitude, helping Scorpio see through whims and suspicions to identify the relationships that matter most.

Sleeping with Amethyst helps focus one’s thinking, starting each day with an open mindset while clearing away doubts and suspicions at night. Physically inclined, Scorpio’s can benefit from this stone’s natural link between the instincts of the body and the needs of the spirit.

Always happy to make a statement—so long as it's on their own terms—­­­­Scorpios appreciate gifts that are stylish, but that they can make their own. A rose quartz statement ring speaks to your friendship with elegance and subtlety befitting a Scorpio.