Taurus Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Taurus is fittingly represented by the bull: known for tenacity, honesty, and a little bit of stubbornness, those born under this sign are hard workers and loyal friends. However, Taurus signs may struggle with perfectionism, inflexibility, and a tendency to overindulge in luxurious rewards for their own achievements. The sign of the bull synergizes with Jade, focusing their drive for success and symbolizing their love of accomplishment and wealth in all forms—spiritual, mental, and material. Those born under Taurus may also benefit from carnelian and rhodonite.

Taurus Crystals


A protective green stone, Jade is a focus point for dispelling negative thoughts and working towards goals. While Taurus signs can confidently face exterior obstacles, one of their few weaknesses is self-doubt: without confidence, they can stumble where they would otherwise stride. Jade brings focus and positive internal energy to help overcome emotional worry.

As a sign of success, Jade meshes well with Taurus’s natural inclination for accomplishment, but it can also encourage the bearer to appreciate mental and spiritual rewards rather than get bogged down in material luxury. Finally, with its strong ties to wisdom, Jade aligns with the Taurus inclination for truth and loyalty, building strong relationships founded on straightforward—but never cruel—honesty.


A passionate stone, carnelian is another antidote to any self-doubt and insecurity which may lie behind the Taurus’s assured exterior.

Carnelian can bring creativity, joy, and flexibility to those Taurus signs who find themselves in a rut or unwilling to try new things. Sometimes Taurus signs can get frustrated or depressed when their usual solutions to problems don’t work, and Carnelian can help find new solutions and perspectives to overcome these slumps. This stone also helps the Taurus stay active when they might get complacent and lazy from their own sense of satisfaction.


With their penchant for honesty and their dedication to friendships and causes, Taurus signs can be very emotional and compassionate. However, their focus on goals, achievements, and solutions can sometimes make them too bold and direct for their own good. Despite their patience, dedication to loyalty can also make them resentful and bear grudges for wrongdoings in the past.

The soft pink of rhodonite is a reminder that forgiveness and love are virtues that come from acceptance, patience, and growth. It may help Taurus’s practice healthy self-care and avoid taking on too much at any one time, appreciating simple pleasures without over-indulging.

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