Winter Solstice + The Star of Bethlehem

I’ve always loved this time of year & something about the quiet, cold winter nights make the night sky that much more beautiful. For the past four years I’ve made it a point to find out the darkest night of the year & bundle up under the stars. So imagine my surprise when I found out this year we would be able to see The Star of Bethlehem during the winter solstice. The connections were just too rich to be pure coincidence.

darkest night

The year when Jesus was born, there was darkness, violence, along with political and social unrest. The three kings followed the star of Bethlehem to find it rested above where he dwelled. In the darknesses love & light came down for us. Now here we are in 2020 surrounded by hate, violence, political & social unrest. There is so much darkness... but know this...

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

onyx and moonstone bracelet

So as you reflect back on 2020 sit in the darkness, grieve if you need to, feel the weight of it, but then let your eyes adjust to see the light.

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