Truly Charmed: The Special Meaning of the Anchor

Anchors remind us that we don’t have to be on the ground to be rooted. As we navigate the various waters of life, we can always drop our anchor when a storm brews, or when we need to recharge. Sometimes, we are our own anchors, steady from within, and sometimes we need help from without. Either way, this important symbol tells us we are never adrift alone. Anchor Symbol

Historical Significance 

An ages-old tool holding boats steady in stormy weather and in times of rest, anchors have been important to nautical trade, adventures, and growth for centuries. The anchor as we know it today was invented by Eupalamus in Greece.

The visual symbolism of the anchor, resembling the Christian Cross, came to represent faith and safety during times of religious persecution, and has been viewed across religions as a reminder to hold onto faith through whatever may come.  

Anchors are an enduring symbol in the US Navy, the subject of the song “Anchors Aweigh” and a reflection of moving from safety to risk when the anchor is pulled up from the sea floor. 

Use and Meanings

In the water, anchors provide safety for boats that would otherwise be out of control. As a symbol, they do this, too. Anchors remind us that even in the most stormy of seas, as long as there is one thing — hope, faith, or love — that we hold onto, we have the power to keep ourselves from being swept away. 

Anchors offer protection and stability. Ultimately, they show us that all we need is one source of strength, and we can weather it all. 

silver anchor charm bracelet

Anchor Charm 

If life is feeling turbulent, an anchor symbol can work like an anchor for your outlook — glance down at your charm any time you’re feeling like life is rocky, and you’ll be reminded that it is possible to hold steady through it all. 

A great gift for a friend who has been your anchor, or who will be spending a lot of time out at sea, our anchor charms are a simple way to share wishes of hope, safety, and stability.